Friday, 3 February 2017

Turkey Bans Footage of Terror Attacks and the Phrase 'Breaking News' from TV per Breitbart

If you cannot stop the terrorism then stop the reporting.

Breitbart reports that:

'Turkey's broadcasting oversight agency has enacted a new set of regulations that prohibit news outlets from broadcasting footage of terrorist attacks, including images of police and emergency vehicles, and bans the phrase "breaking news" and other "agitating" content.

The newspaper Hurriyet has translated into English many of these new measures, which follow a renewed push by Turkish authorities to promote the nation's tourism industry. A string of terrorist attacks by the Islamic State and Marxist Kurdish groups have significantly impacted the nation's previously thriving tourist sector.

According to Hurriyet, Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) has decreed that news tickers may no longer show the words "breaking news," and "criticism and commentary" on broadcasts alerting viewers to a terrorist attack are now banned.The regulations prohibit broadcasting any "exaggerated statements involving agitation" and images of the attack itself unless the government specifically provides for such broadcast. Harriet adds that images of "fire department vehicles, police vehicles, ambulance footage, witness accounts, officials at the scene, and evidence-collecting work" are also banned.'

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