Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records per Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

The manipulation of data to arrive at desired conclusions is not science. However don't expect the warmists at the BBC to report on this inconvenient truth.

'In the summer of 2015, NOAA scientists published the Karl study, which retroactively altered historical climate change data and resulted in the elimination of a well-known climate phenomenon known as the "climate change hiatus."  The hiatus was a period between 1998 and 2013 during which the rate of global temperature growth slowed.  This fact has always been a thorn in the side of climate change alarmists, as it became difficult to disprove the slowdown in warming. The Karl study refuted the hiatus and rewrote climate change history to claim that warming had in fact been occurring.  The committee heard from scientists who raised concerns about the study's methodologies, readiness, and politicization.  In response, the committee conducted oversight and sent NOAA inquiries to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Karl study.  Over the course of the committee's oversight, NOAA refused to comply with the inquiries, baselessly arguing that Congress is not authorized to request communications from federal scientists.  This culminated in the issuance of a congressional subpoena, with which NOAA also failed to comply.  During the course of the investigation, the committee heard from whistleblowers who confirmed that, among other flaws in the study, it was rushed for publication to support President Obama's climate change agenda.'

The refusal of the NOAA to release information reminds me of the BBC's refusal to release the Balen Report into the BBC's bias in reporting on Israel.

There's more about the NOAA here

There's more about the BBC, the Balen Report and the BBC's institutional anti Israel stance all over this blog.

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