Monday, 27 February 2017

Gerald Kaufman has died, Jeremy Corbyn's comments raised a question with me

Jeremy Corbyn's tribute to the Labour MP Gerald Kaufman, who shared anti-Israel sentiments with his party leader, was interesting in many parts, see my previous post, but this part also raised a thought:

'I last saw him in his lovely flat in St John’s Wood in London, surrounded by film posters and a library of the film world.'
I wonder if this 'lovely flat in St John's Wood' was the one for which Gerald Kaufman claimed more than £115,000 of Parliamentary expenses for work, and where he had spent £8,000 on a large-screen TV and another £1,500 on a luxury rug?

I suppose that when you are that interested in films you need a large taxpayer paid for television to watch them on.

Nothing too good for the workers, or at least their representatives?

Gerald Kaufman 'done troughing'?

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