Saturday, 4 February 2017

Former Chaplain to the Queen: UK Cities Could Soon Be Islamic

More from that Breitbart article

'... at an inter-faith conference in 2003, an imam he describes as an "eminently serious scholar" stood up and said: "The UK is going to be an Islamic republic in the time of my grandchildren, and I don't need to do anything about it, it's just going to happen"."

If you look at your five northern conurbations," the imam added, "already the majority of people under 16 are Muslim." He said that those people would elect Muslim mayors who in turn would feel democratic pressure to introduce Sharia practices.

Rev Ashenden said that afterwards he googled the imam's claims and found that everything he mentioned about demographics was true. "Mix demography and democracy and you're going to have Islamic city states in the UK very quickly," Rev Ashenden added.'

It's our future, like it or not.

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