Sunday, 19 February 2017

Comment of the week on Biased BBC

'I was thinking the other day about how the alt-left media and a certain US political party have become so obsessed with so-called 'interference in sovereign elections from foreign parts' (i.e. supposedly from Russia) but without much evidence to show that direct interference took place in the recent US presidential election. Our own BBC has not been behind the gate in supporting the view that interference took place, and is to be condemned.

Hmmmmm. if I recall correctly, the Guardian newspaper from the UK interfered absolutely directly in 2004 in the US presidential election, attempting (ultimately unsuccessfully) to browbeat voters in Clark County, Ohio, to cast their votes against George Bush.

I don't remember any great brouhaha and outright condemnation at the time against the behaviour of the Guardian by any alt-left media… and absolutely NOT from our gloriously unbiased BBC – in fact IIRC, the BBC was more concerned that the Guardian had actually won Ohio for Bush.

Typical BBC hypocrisy.'

Hard to disagree with that...

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