Friday, 12 October 2018

An anniversary that the BBC won't commemorate

On this day in 1984 a bomb exploded at the Conservative party conference in Brighton's Grand Hotel.  The attack was carried out by the IRA who were wanting to wipe out Margaret Thatcher and her government.  The device used was 20lb gelignite bomb and it had been planted three weeks before its detonation by IRA explosives expert Patrick Magee.  Magee checked into the hotel and stayed in room 629, which was five floors above the hotel's VIP suites.  The device was hidden behind the bath panel in the bathroom.

It exploded as planned at 2:53am when most of the hotel's 318 guests were asleep in bed.  Mrs Thatcher was still awake working on the speech she would be giving to the conference the following day when the bomb exploded.  The explosion ripped through the top floors of the hotel, creating a huge hole in its front and causing a chimney stack to collapse and crash through the centre of the building.  It missed Mrs Thatcher's living room by inches, but hit her bathroom and bedroom, where her husband Dennis was sleeping.  Five people died, but the IRA failed to kill Mrs Thatcher and instead they hardened the Prime Minister's resolve to stand up to terrorism.  

Now thankfully no now senior Labour figures were involved with the IRA. Hold on, read this from Breitbart

'An investigation by The Times has revealed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was arrested in 1986 for taking part in a protest organised by IRA sympathisers to "show solidarity" with terrorists, including Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.

The newspaper reports the MP, who has a long history of supporting the Republican movement, had joined a picket outside the Old Bailey to "show solidarity with the Irish Republican prisoners put on trial by the British state", in the final week of the case.'

So no chance of the BBC reminding the British public of the history of Jeremy Corbyn and his friends. 

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