Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Labour antisemitism cases could cross hate crime threshold, says ex-senior police officer per The Jewish Chronicle

The JC reports that:

'The former head of the Metropolitan Police's hate crime department has said a leaked file of antisemitism complaints involving Labour Party members includes several threats that pass the threshold for a criminal investigation.

Among the evidence passed to Mak Chishty, who was in charge of dealing with hate crime for the force until last year, are messages stating, "We shall rid the Jews who are cancer on us all…." and "Zionist extremist MP who hates civilised people about to get a good kicking".

In another file, a serving Labour councillor is accused of inflicting "ten years of hell" on a child, calling him a Jew Boy.

The files, obtained by radio station LBC, include a total of 45 Labour antisemitism cases of which Mr Chishty said 17 should have been reported to the police as a race-hate incident for investigation.

He said a further four - including the ones detailed above - warrant a criminal investigation as hate crimes.'

Oddly the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC has not reported this news but then the BBC are more interested in assisting a Labour Party government to worry about a bit of antisemitism in the Labour Party. 

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