Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Is Theresa May an anti-Conservative plant?

The past:

First call the Conservative Party "the nasty party" so giving Labour, the Lib Dems and the BBC lots of anti-Conservative ammunition to run with for years. 

Secondly damage the Conservative Party core support, just before her calling an early General Election, with her death taxes policy. 

Thirdly calling the early General Election under the old, outdated and favourable to the Labour Party, boundaries. 

Fourthly to seemingly agree the Chequers plan (or at least show it) with Angela Merkel before showing the Cabinet. 

Moving forward:

She's indicating the softest possible Brexit. 

Might she call another early General Election to ensure that the election is again contested on the Labour Party favouring boundaries? 


Is it beyond the realm of possible that Theresa May has to make sure that the next government is that of a Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party. 

Is Theresa May trying to destroy the Conservative Party? If not, what else explains her policies and strategy? 

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