Friday, 12 October 2018

MPs 'informing' on immigration hotline and BBC News know how to angle the report

Read the first part of this BBC report into MPs reporting illegal activity to an immigration hotline.

'An immigration enforcement hotline was called 68 times by MPs or their staff last year, it has been revealed.

Charities have now written to Commons Speaker John Bercow asking MPs to pledge not to inform on constituents, arguing people should not have to fear being reported on by their MPs.

The pledge has been signed by 107 MPs, however, Heidi Allen is the only Tory.

A number of Tory MPs said they "would be expected by most constituents to report any suspected illegal activity".

Some Labour MPs also declined to sign, without making their reasons public.

Of the 68 calls by MPs to the hotline, 34 were from Conservatives, 32 from Labour, one DUP and one Lib Dem.'

Note that the charities responses to the MPs actions is put as early as the second sentence along with the information that only one out of 107 MPs have pledged not to "inform" on constituents. Whilst a sensible person might think that reporting on suspected illegal activity was a good thing, the BBC disagree hence the structure of the report. The BBC hope that the public, that they have been brainwashing to support immigration, will react against the heartless Conservative MPs. 

If one reads on a little further then you discover that proportionate to the number of each Party's MPs, more Labour MPs reported incidents than those of any other party. Now that's an interesting story. 

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