Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Corbyn’s Private Secretary Routinely Working In Parliament Without Security Clearance

I've reported on this before:

'One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest aides has not been granted a Parliamentary pass due to unspecified security concerns – but has continued to work in his Commons office for more than nine months.

HuffPost UK can reveal that Iram Awan, the Labour leader's Private Secretary, has not had her application approved by the authorities on the advice of the security services, due to questions over known associates.

But Awan, a British-born national whose role includes providing "strategic advice" to Corbyn, has been escorted into Parliament on a routine basis by other members of his team.

She was hired late last year and has worked in the Leader of the Opposition's office in the Palace of Westminster since despite her lack of security clearance.'

This is from Huffington Post but still no mention on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

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