Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Man is called a 'Yid c***'. Police say they don't think it was a hate crime. Per The Jewish Chronicle

'Police are reviewing whether they were right to tell a Jewish man there was not enough evidence to take action against his alleged assailant who admitted calling him a "Yid c***".

Rob Goodman complained to Dorset Police after he was told no further action would be taken against a man who targeted him with the abusive language during a football match. 

Mr Goodman, who played in Littledown's Wednesday league, said he was assaulted by two men during the game. 

He told police the first man told him to "f*** off you Yid c***" and elbowed him in his stomach, while another man ran up to him and punched him in the head.

The police originally told Mr Goodman, who is Jewish, that they did not deem the verbal abuse to be religiously aggravated, despite the first suspect admitting to using the words in a police interview. 

In an email from a Dorset Police officer, Mr Goodman was told: "Unfortunately, after all evidence has been gathered and both suspects interviewed… there will be no further action."

Officers told Mr Goodman that the incident would not be investigated further because the suspect had "given a credible defence as to why this was said. There is not sufficient evidence to prove that this was a religiously aggravated statement on his part."'

You can read more here but not on the antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples BBC.

However, if a Muslim had been called a Muslim c*** then the BBC would have been all over this story and would have been drumming up stories that the British police were institutionally islampohobic. Odd how the BBC treat accusations of antisemitism from those of islampohobia.

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