Monday, 29 October 2018

The BBC protecting Jeremy Corbyn as usual

This BBC report hidden away on the BBC's Technology pages starts thus:
'Facebook has uncovered and removed dozens of pages, accounts and groups linked to Iran that the firm says coordinated "inauthentic behaviour", targeting people in the US and UK.

The affected posts focused on divisive topics such as race relations, opposition to President Donald Trump and immigration, it said.'
Not a mention of Jeremy Corbyn, yet elsewhere on the web we can read that:
'Facebook has deleted a number of Iranian accounts posing as Britons that spread pro Jeremy Corbyn posts.

The accounts formed part of a wider “cluster” of accounts posing as grassroots US or UK activists to post about politically divisive topics like racism, opposition to the government and immigration, the company said on Friday.
It is the second batch of Iranian linked accounts to be purged from the platform this year. In August, Facebook removed hundreds of pages falsely posing as news organisations. Facebook users in the US, UK, Latin America and the Middle East were targeted by Iran state operation which used a network of fake news sites and fake accounts to promote political narratives with Iranian interests.

The accounts shared anti-Saudi, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian themes as well as support for Pro Iran US policies like the US/Iran nuclear deal.'
So why are the BBC deliberately not mentioning the pro-Jeremy Corbyn and anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian themes? I think we know the reasons and the BBC disgust me.

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