Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Corbyn’s Complaint - Philip Roth explains

This article in The Atlantic by Philip Roth is a must read. It's a fine summary of the case for the prosecution. 

Here's an extract that should receive more attention from the likes of the BBC:

'He (Jeremy Corbyn) was no racist, he proclaimed over and over again. Maybe not, but his anti-racism wasn't all embracing. You could, by no very-elaborate ethical contortion—since Jews were hardly any longer a poor or an oppressed people—be both anti-racist and anti-Semitic. At times, indeed, it seemed that a discreet seasoning of the second was a guarantee of an unwavering commitment to the first. Little by little the sophistry was laid bare.'

Something that an unbiased BBC would question Jeremy Corbyn about. Unfortunately the BBC are more akin to the Labour Party's propaganda arm than a unbiased news reporting organisation. 

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