Friday, 17 June 2016

A fascinating theory

I found an interesting article relating to recent air-crashes:

'Hardy spent six months analysing the known MH370 data and concluded that the plane was:
intentionally landed on the Indian Ocean and sank intact just 20 nautical miles (37km) outside the current search area.”
“landed” and “sank intact” instead of crashing, is perhaps a clue, perhaps not to an aviation expert, but an expert on the rules of Islamic martyrdom.

This would be us. Since 2014, we had stated to expect this type of soft crashing will occur over and over and over. And just like Muslim Jihadis will plunge planes into the Twin Towers, it will take years before the West say “Islam and the Kamikaze have much in common,” but with a little caveat, in Islam, landing on water is crucial Jihadi theology (more on that later).
First of all, a flaperon was found from MH370 and it does not rule out Hardy’s theory and in fact supports it. This is one piece that will roughly hit the water and come loose. No matter how you land on water, ask any pilot, it is no soft landing.

But what Hardy was not aware of, is that in Islam, it is not only the warrior in battle who is considered “martyr”. Hardy’s theory is most likely true (I do not trust the aviation experts from Muslim nations). The pilot, Mr.Shah, on MH370, as well as Muhammad Shakeer of Egypt Flight 804, were designing a meticulous plan, not just on how he weaved through all the detection, but he must have meticulously considered his fate: drowning. On Flight 804, we know that usually the pilot takes control on takeoff and before landing. The incident of flight 804 was the latter, just when there is a switch.

And it is here that we come to the source, the mind, the theology and from our own experience as x-terrorist. It is difficult for westerners to comprehend the mindset unless they’ve been there and done that and sat in class in Bethlehem where our Muslim Brotherhood teacher Sheikh Zacharia would tell us of the benefits of dying drowning. In Islam, most Muslims know (which most westerners are oblivious to), when a Muslim dies by drowning, he is automatically considered a “martyr” and is perhaps why Shah, like Shakeer of flight 804 “landed” on water. Death due to an impact on a building spoils the recipe where Muslim passengers would lose that status. Under the classification of martyrdom in Islam, it clearly states:
“… he who dies of a stomach disease is a martyr; and he who is drowned is a martyr.” [Sahih Muslim].'
I don't know if it's true but it's an interesting theory.

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