Tuesday, 7 June 2016

David Cameron and Turkey, does he not realise we aren't all stupid?

'The only other serious contender for this week's misleading claim of the week comes courtesy of our dear Prime Minister. How many levels of dissimulation could one count in his claim – before the audience at the Sky news debate – that people should not worry about Turkish entry into the EU because it will not happen until 'the year 3000'. 

Does he expect the British public to have forgotten that he as soon as he became PM he went to Ankaraand told the Turkish government:

'It makes me angry that your progress towards EU membership can be frustrated in the way that it has been.

My view is clear: I believe it is just wrong to say that Turkey can guard the camp but not be allowed to sit in the tent.'I will remain your strongest possible advocate for EU membership and for greater influence at the top table of European diplomacy. This is something I feel very strongly and very passionately about. Together I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels.'

Does he expect us not to know this? Or not to know that these remain his views? What must be going on in his head when he says things like that 'year 3000' quote? The only explanation I can think of is that he is an adrenaline junky, hoping at some point to be caught. No doubt he will be. The only question is whether it happens by June 23rd or in the days that follow.'

More from Douglas Murray here but nothing about such matters on the institutionally pro EU BBC.

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