Saturday, 4 June 2016

Michael Gove says European rules left UK powerless to stop terror suspects per The Independent

I try not to read The Independent, it's anti Israel bile being at such a level that it almost makes the BBC seem unbiased. However this article came to my attention.

The start of the article is interesting in what Michael Gove says, how The Independent call it a claim (couldn't they verify the claim so as to report it as fact) and because I can't see the institutionally pro EU BBC News report of this powerful Brexit argument.

'The Justice Secretary Michael Gove has claimed that the Government had been forced to allow terror suspects to enter Britain because European Union rules left them powerless to prevent them from travelling here.

Mr Gove said that during his time in the Cabinet he "experienced frustration" at Britain's "inability to refuse entry to those with a criminal record and even some who are suspected of terrorist links".'

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