Thursday, 9 June 2016

The BBC protecting their antisemitic friends in Hamas

Just a few hours after a Palestinian terrorist (or terrorists) killed three Israeli Jews and severely injured three more, the BBC have decided that the main news isn't that Islamists have killed Jews but that Israel has responded by putting restrictions on Palestinians travelling into Israel.


'Israel says it has suspended entry permits for 83,000 Palestinians after gunmen killed four people in an attack at an open-air complex in Tel Aviv.

Two Palestinians from the occupied West Bank opened fire on shoppers and diners at the Sarona precinct, officials said.'

Oddly the BBC also state that:
'The West Bank-based Palestinian Authority has not yet commented on the incident.'
I say oddly because I found this some time ago and unlike the BBC I don't have a whole news department to find things for me. I suppose I also don't want to protect the Palestinian Authority from censure and to vilify Israel like the BBC does.

If you'd like to keep up to date with this developing news you could follow the BBC or you could go to Israelly Cool who is far more on the ball and not as worried about offending the supporters of Islamist terrorism as the BBC is.

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