Tuesday, 14 June 2016

French police officials' murder 'is terrorism' per BBC News

This BBC report includes the assertion that when the Islamist terrorist shouts Allahu Akbar he means God is Great.

This is untrue.

Robert Spencer and others have explained over and over again what Allahu Akbar actually means.
'Media outlets routinely mangle the true meaning of "Allahu akbar," the ubiquitous battle cry of Islamic jihadists as they commit mass murder.

The war-cry is mistranslated in the Western media as "God is great." But the actual meaning is "Allah is greater," meaning Allah Is Greater Than Your God or Government.

It is the aggressive declaration that Allah and Islam are dominant over every other form of government, religion, law or ethic, which is why Islamic jihadists in the midst of killing infidels so often shout it.

One primary purpose of shouting is to "strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah."'
You can read more here here or you could stick with the BBC's attempt to mislead you.Why do the BBC and most Western politicians lie to us re this matter?

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