Friday, 17 June 2016

Julian Assange Interview on Peston on Sunday

The BBC usually hang on every word that Julian Assange says. Somehow I don't think they'll be too interested in what he said in this interview, especially the part about the leaked Hillary Clinton emails, that's very much not the narrative the BBC wish to push.

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Anonymous said...

My instinct was not to look at Assangs's interview, but I glad I did. His comments on Cameron using the EU was a cover for his own deficiencies and policies was spot on, and so were his comments on the appalling Eurteopean Arrest Warrant. his support for a Brexit was also remarkable. As for Hilary, he was right again. She is deeply implicated in the Libyan conflict, and deserves arrest and imprisonment for placing top secret e-mails on her non-secure personal server. For all these reasons, the BBC is keeping quiet about these latest views from their erstwhile favourite!