Monday, 20 June 2016

The future of the EU

'The Spanish newspaper El Pais (17th June) carried a front page article saying that the EU is deliberately holding back a raft of new legislation until after the Referendum on 23rd June because knowledge of it in Britain would boost the Brexit vote.

The article claims that David Cameron has asked the European Commission to postpone discussions on anything sensitive until after this Thursday.  The measures that El Pais says are being held back include:

A European Tax to co-ordinate an EU defense system
A plan to impose quotas for member states sharing refugees
Visa free access for Turkish citizens

Discussions are set to resume on 28th-29th June.

If the British vote to Remain in the EU then they must realise that they are not voting for the status quo.   They are voting for what the EU intends to do in the future and what it intends to become – a United States of Europe.'

But not on the institutionally pro EU BBC.

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