Thursday, 16 June 2016

Seriously no backup taken and stored for twelve years?

'Fraud and abuse investigations dating back to 2004 vanished when a database became corrupted, service officials said.

The U.S. Air Force has lost records concerning 100,000 investigations into everything from workplace disputes to fraud.

A database that hosts files from the Air Force's inspector general and legislative liaison divisions became corrupted last month, destroying data created between 2004 and now, service officials said. Neither the Air Force nor Lockheed Martin, the defense firm that runs the database, could say why it became corrupted or whether they'll be able to recover the information.'

No backup taken and stored for twelve years?

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Russ Wood said...

No backup? But maybe they did what happened to a client of my wife's some years ago. This company religiously took daily backups off their minicomputer - AND NEVER CHECKED IF THEY WORKED! The person running the backups did not have the correct privileges, so, once the disk crashed and they tried to recover, they found that years of tapes were BLANK. My wife came into it when they had to recover programs from 5-year old listings, and needed a 'real' programmer.