Friday, 24 June 2016

Veep - An unnecessary moment

I love the US comedy series Veep, it's brilliantly written, well acted and contains satire of the highest order.

So I was a little shocked to hear this line from Series 5, Episode 3 - about 23 minutes in:

Charliie Baird Jnr: "We just heard a lovely story about the Queen of England."

Selina Myers (Veep): "Well she's a f***ing c***" (expletive asterisked to save Google from censoring)

I have Tweeted Chris Addison, the current series's director and supervising producer, to ask if he's proud of this unnecessarily offensive line but so far he has not deigned to respond, maybe he's upset over the Brexit referendum result. I'll let you know if he responds but somehow I doubt it.

Meantime I wonder if The Daily Mail have caught wind of this, it's right up their street...

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