Friday, 24 June 2016

The EU Referendum - an interesting point

All day I have been hearing the BBC call the referendum split as whilst England and Wales voted for Leave, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for Remain. The BBC have also been explaining how London also voted Remain and Nicola Sturgeon said that she would ally with Sadiq Khan in negotiations.

I looked at the BBC's own results front page which splits the vote by UK constituent country and saw this...

Do you note that whilst the BBC's analysis is correct there is something else of note here. The two nations that voted Leave had a higher turnout than the two nations that voted Remain. That's the sort of inconvenient fact that the BBC won't be highlighting. What they are highlighting is that:

'A petition calling for Sadiq Khan to declare London an independent state after the UK voted to quit the EU has been signed by thousands of people.

The petition's organiser James O'Malley, said the capital was "a world city" which should "remain at the heart of Europe".

Nearly 60% of people in the capital backed the Remain campaign, in stark contrast to most of the country.'

If Remain had won, imagine the BBC reaction to some areas calling for independence for themselves. Laughter, derision, pointing out what democracy means and so on. But as it's a view that the BBC agree with...

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