Friday, 17 June 2016

Will Erdogan's University diploma be another Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate?

This fascinating article has come to my attention - Read it all and have a think.
Here's an extract:
'There are very valid reasons to suspect the document's authenticity, as the copy indicates that Erdogan graduated from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Marmara University in 1981. At the bottom of the diploma, two signatures can be seen clearly: those of the university president and the dean of faculty.

That is very problematic, indeed. First of all, there was no Marmara University in 1981 and no such faculty under that name. Marmara University was founded in Istanbul in 1982. The faculty took that name and became affiliated with the school in 1983. Previously, it had been a college-level institution known as the Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences.

So, how is it that Erdogan has a signed and dated university diploma, when there was no university or affiliated faculty under that name then?'

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