Monday, 31 March 2014

A piece of surprising polling data

The excellent Political Betting website reports

The chart(s) ...based on the finding new form of questioning which has just been tested by Opinium for its latest Observer poll.

After the main voting intention question the firm asked “You said that you would vote [Party] if an election were held tomorrow. Would you say that this is because you’d want to vote for [Party] or because you’d want to vote against someone else?”

For those who indicated that there choice was wholly or partly negative this was followed by a second question “You said that you’d vote [Party] mainly/partly to vote against someone else. Who would you want to vote against?”
Hree are the charts and they are fascinating as well as surprising...

So, proportionally, more Conservative voters are voting for a party rather than against a party, and the proportion of UKIP voters voting as a protest vote is no higher than Labour or Lib Dem voters!

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andy5759 said...

Try this bit of (probably) crazy thinking. Let's make voting at general elections compulsory. Let's also add two more candidates; below the named candidates a box entitled None of the Above, below that a blank box for writing in a name of the person you want. Imagine the fun.