Saturday, 8 March 2014

Invite me next time Nigella, I like the sound of your dress code...

The Mandrake column in today's Telegraph reports that Nigella Lawson's dinner parties are much more relaxed post her separation from Charles Saatchi. 

"... I realised there was nobody coming I would be uncomfortable in front of just wearing socks and leggings, and no make-up." 

Well Nigella, any time you want to invite me, I'll join you in wearing just socks and leggings, no make-up... The very thought! 

The above two photos are the safest that I could post having Googled "Nigella Lawson topless" but then the others may be fakes... Shame!

1 comment:

Ed P said...

Yes, with her fine enbonpoint unfettered, I would like to come too!