Tuesday, 4 March 2014

BBC fakery

I'm just watching an old Top Gear, it's what Dave HD was made for, and it's the one where Jeremy Clarkson drives a Peel P50 microcar.

Ostensibly he's travelling to work but in reality that car park that he starts off in is one of the car parks in the newer BBC compound off of the A40. So the route Jeremy takes, so far as we can see, is out of the BBC, then east along Holland Park Avenue before turning left out of Wood lane onto the A402 on Shepherds Bush and then and east along Holland Park Avenue before parking in front of the same (or one of the same) buildings he was originally parked underneath. Not only is the route shown impossible to do in that order, it is also completely unnecessary as Jeremy ends up less than 200 yards from where he started.

The BBC are shameless liars!

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