Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hamas: We Must Slaughter the Jews - Israel Today

There are idiots on Twitter who claim that Hamas doesn't really want to destroy Israel AND kill all Jews. It's just rhetoric they tell me. Hmmm what about this?
' Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament said in a recent televised address that Palestinian Muslims must either subdue or massacre the Jews, and that genuine, long-lasting peace with the infidels is not achievable.Speaking on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV, MP Yunis Al-Astal explained that in the Quran, Allah taught the Muslims that “they [the Jews] are the ones with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenant every time.”Seeking a solution to this conundrum, Al-Astal continued his reading of the Muslim scriptures, pointing out that Allah commanded his followers that should they “gain mastery over them [the Jews] in a war, use them to disperse those who follow them that they may remember.”'

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