Friday, 14 March 2014

The BBC are utterly shameless

I hear that the BBC have replaced Stephanie Flanders, former girlfriend of both Labour leader Ed Miliband and Labour's Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, with the TUC’s senior economist Duncan Weldon. He previously worked for the labour party, was a Labour candidate in 2010, has written for several Labour blogs (including LabourList and Owen Jones and UNITE's CLASS think tank.

How can anyone think it right that such a person be appointed as the economics expert on the BBC's flagship news and current affairs programme at any time, let alone just over a year before a general election?

Have the BBC heard of unbiased reporting or do they not feel they even need to pretend to be unbiased anymore?

Will the Conservatives do anything other than quietly express disquiet? I doubt it, they are too scared of the BBC's reach and power.The BBC is out of control, for some time it has not been an unbiased news reporting organisation but an organisation campaigning for left-wing causes. Increasingly it now functions as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party in the UK, the Democrats in the USA and radical Islam around the globe.

Update: I learn that Duncan Weldon was also the economic adviser to Harriet Harman when she was acting leader of the Labour Party.

Oh come off it, seriously BBC?

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andy5759 said...

You say that "for some time" the BBC has been unbiased. I think since the 1950s. I am not old enough to remember further back but I'm confident that it could go back before 1948, when 1984 was published.

Bureau Veritas, anyone?