Thursday, 13 March 2014

BBC News - David Cameron to discuss Mid East peace with Blair and Abbas

Finally, albeit in the middle of this piece, the BBC get around to mentioning the Palestinian rockets fired at Israel. 

' Despite Palestinian rocket attacks on Wednesday, which were followed by Israeli airstrikes, Mr Cameron is still expected to hold a video conference with young Palestinians in Gaza to discuss the humanitarian situation.'

I suppose supporters of Israel should be satisfied with such small droppings from the BBC's table.
You can read the whole piece here and wonder why the BBC summary heading for the passage I quoted above is "unbreakable". Has a BBC sub editor made a decision to show their support for the Palestinians or is it a mistake? I would complain to the BBC but what's the point? 

Actually it would seem that incompetence is to blame here as the 'unbreakable' passage heading was from the article referenced  here.

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