Friday, 7 March 2014

Male vs Female in sport - weightlifting

Further to this morning's post and the continued claims from @SexismInSports that 'Women are NOT the weaker sex' I thought I'd compare a sport where strength is of great importance, although technique does also play an important part, weightlifting.

The trouble with making direct comparisons is that the weight (of the competitor) categories are not always directly comparable so I have compared in all but one case only where the women are in a higher weight category, thus giving them a slight advantage. The exception to this is in the highest women's category when women of any weight above 75kg compete, in this case I have compared with the men's 77kg category as there is no 75kg category. However for the men this is a restricted category with four heavier categories whereas for women there is no weight restriction in this category, so theoretically the women competing in this class could be many kilos heavier than the men.

If you look at this comparison you will see that the men at any given weight lift more than women. Taken across all the classes there is an average male superiority of 19.1%. However that includes the last wight class that gives women an unfair advantage, excluding that weight class gives men a superiority of 21.52%

So are women the weaker sex in weightlifting? In which sport are they not?

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andy5759 said...

Bowls, yes, bloody bowls is subject to the mindless integration mantra. Not a sport, huntin', shootin' an' fishin' are the only sports I can think of. Anyway,where was I? Ah, yes, bowls. The differences go so far deeper than gender weakness - more into the territory of gender neurosis, we want a pint, they want to wear the correct hat band.

Go figure why we invented the pub and the allotment shed.