Monday, 24 March 2014

But why is England the only place to 'escape' to?

This BBC piece shows the desperate lengths that people will go to in order to get to the UK. Whilst the article tells us that:
'Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said there had been an "increase" in people trying to get into the UK through the channel ports.

This was mainly due to conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, he explained.'
It does seem odd that these people are desperately trying to get to the UK (for which you can read England or most likely London) not from Syria or Egypt or 'Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Eritrea' but from France. They've already escaped from civil war, persecution etc. but for some reason '"This country is not good to live in, we have to go to England."'

What is is so bad about France and so good about England? Is it the benefits system? Don't expect the BBC to ask those types of questions, that would be against the narrative.

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Anonymous said...

The United States has been told it HAS NO boarders by the person in the oral office in dc. So come and escape here and land on the lottery land of the world.