Monday, 17 March 2014

What British Political Party do you side with?

Take the test here

I'm not sure about the questions as there are policy areas that weren't asked about and unless you opt for 'Choose another stance' the offered options are somewhat restrictive.

So should I vote UKIP from now on?


andy5759 said...

Probably, to answer your question. My responses resulted in 99pc UKIP, with Tory at a surprising 87pc, surprising because I really don't think that they are quite so representative.

Kath lissenden said...

Rather worryingly my result came out at 82% BNP yet I have never considered myself racist.
However even more worryingly Labour came second in my poll at 79% and I would never vote labour even if I had matches put under my finger nails and they were set light too.
Conservatives were 3rd and UKIP 4th my only redemption is that the lib dems and greens were the bottom 2 of my list so although well on the road to the funny farm I don't need to book a straight jacket just yet.