Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is 25 today, well it's 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee published his paperroposing an “information management” system. This evolved very quickly into a framework for the world wide web.

The world wide web dominated our lives so much that it's hard to remember life before 'the web'. I do, I remember showing 'the web' to a client who opined 'useless, too slow and it'll never replace paper encyclopedias and digests', I wonder what he thinks now?

The web has brought us many things, some good some bad, but on today I thought I'd show a little video that I found called First Kiss. It's film ofwhat happend when 20 people were asked to kiss for the fist time, it's rather sweet and what the web should deliver more of, and less porn and hatred.

FIRST KISS from Tatia Pilieva on Vimeo.

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