Tuesday, 15 September 2015

BBC topical comedy teams

If Nigel Farage meeting with some Eastern European MEP who has tenuous links with parties who were once Neo Nazi would be enough for the BBC's topical comedy teams to brand him a Nazi and get laughs week after week for making this incorrect claim.

Then surely Jeremy Corbyn who has openly called the anti Semitic, homophobic, genocidal Islamist terrorists of Hamas and Hizbollah his 'friends' should be (incorrectly or not) called anti Semitic, homophobic and genocidal by the he same BBC 'comedians'.

Somehow I doubt that this will happen, as for the likes of Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy and many of the younger generation of such 'comedians' , support for Hamas and Hezbollah is understandably, along with wishing to hand over the Falklands to the Argentinians against the wishes of the Falklanders and increasing ties with the Putin regime in Russia.

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TrT said...

The BBC wont but I sure as shit will!