Thursday, 24 September 2015

Migrant Crisis? Europe Hasn't Seen Anything Yet per Standpoint - Douglas Murray makes total sense as usual

This Standpoint article by Douglas Murray is well worth a read. Here's an extract:
'And then there is the question of the composition of the migrants. If this movement is indeed a movement of the genuinely dispossessed then why are almost all of them young men? In recent weeks the media has zoomed its cameras in on the occasional woman or child. But they are the rarities. On Lampedusa I saw only young men from sub-Saharan Africa. I saw no women. One of the first things that many of the arrivals did on getting to the island was to buy a SIM card and call home to tell their families that they had made it: families they will end up sending money to if they make any (largely in the underground economy) and whom they will often aim to bring over to join them.'
A view that you won't often, if at all, hear on the pro unlimited immigration BBC.

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