Thursday, 24 September 2015

Terrorism Support May Cause Corbyn To Be Thought Terrorism Supporter per PreOccupied Territory...

'Video footage and photographic evidence of British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn delivering the keynote address at an event dominated by supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah might result in people thinking he agrees with their aims and methods, analysts reported today (Friday).

A 2012 "Al-Quds Day" rally to express opposition to Jewish control of Jerusalem featured the Labor politician as the main speaker, as his organization Stop the War UK was the major sponsor of the event. Hezbollah flags and chants promoting terrorism could be seen and heard throughout the rally, and Corbyn said nothing to indicate his objections.

In fact a consistent record of supporting individuals and organizations committed to terrorism throughout his political career  – including describing Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends – has the potential to cause observers to conclude that Corbyn, as well, accepts terrorism as a legitimate means of advancing various causes, say experts.

"Associating publicly with known Holocaust deniers, IRA supporters, and avowed antisemites, while pointedly not calling them out for objectionable behaviors and attitudes, can prompt some to wonder whether such a person harbors sympathies for those odious views," explained political commentator Bedd Fellowes. "It might be a stretch, of course, because how many left-wing politicians have been known to actually side with terrorists?"'

Satire? It's hard to tell

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