Sunday, 20 September 2015

NHS on brink of collapse, warns former health minister per The Guardian

'The National Health Service will crash within two years with catastrophic consequences unless the government orders an immediate multibillion pound cash injection, the former minister in charge of care services says.

The stark assessment from Norman Lamb, minister of state at the Department of Health until May's general election, comes as fears mount among senior NHS officials, care providers and local authorities that NHS and care services are approaching breaking point.'
Note not the usual could, but will. So in two years when the dysfunctional NHS is still with us will The Guardian ask Norman Lamb why he was wrong?

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English Pensioner said...

The NHS is a totally dysfunctional organisation.
My wife was due to have a minor operation, attended the hospital as planned and was prepared for surgery. At the last minute the anaesthetist decided some pre-op test had not been done. "Can't I just go down to the department and have it done now?" - "Oh no, they won't have a free appointment, and they will need the request in writing" (in the age of computers, haven't they even heard of e-mail?).
Surgery was cancelled, time wasted by everyone, £8 for parking.
Why on earth didn't the anaesthetist read through her file the previous day?
Perhaps he had a round of golf booked and wanted the afternoon off.

A couple of weeks later a letter arrived telling her to attend for the tests. Back to the hospital for the tests, a further £1.50 parking. Almost straight in for the test, hardly any waiting. I timed it. The test took all of FOUR MINUTES, including her undressing and dressing time. And they couldn't fit it in on the previous occasion!

No wonder the NHS is in trouble.