Friday, 18 September 2015

Migrant crisis: Croatia closes border crossings with Serbia per BBC News

This biased BBC report on includes some emoting from one of the BBC's chief emotion creators, Lyse Doucet.
'The crisis has challenged the Schengen agreement, with Germany, Austria and Slovakia all re-imposing checks on parts of their borders.

EU regulations dictate the refugees must register and claim asylum in the first member state they reach. But many migrants and refugees wish to continue on to Germany and Austria, and do not wish to seek asylum in smaller, less well-off EU nations such as Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.'
The Schengen agreement only applies to borders between countries within the Schengen agreement, countries can still protect their other borders. Also it doesn't really matter what these 'migrants' want to do, they are entering the EU and should comply with EU regulations. 

The BBC pro immigration propaganda is all but ceaseless and the likes of Lyse Doucet provide the mood music.

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