Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu vows stone-thrower crackdown per BBC News

This BBC report was the first that I have found where the BBC report the death of Alexander Levlovitz. As usual with the institutionally anti Israel BBC they only report the death of a Jewish Israeli when Israel responds to that death. 

'The Israeli prime minister has vowed to "use all necessary means" to stop stone throwers after an Israeli man died in a car crash linked to such an attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu's statement came after an emergency meeting of his cabinet and security chiefs.
Alexander Levlovitz died in a car accident apparently caused by a rock-throwing attack in Jerusalem.'

Of course if a Palestinian is injured in any way that could be in any way blamed on Israel, then the BBC reports the news immediately and in depth.

The BBC's relentless anti Israel propaganda is fanning the flames of anti Semitism in the UK and beyond. So when hen Jews are killed for being Jews and thus associated with Israel the BBC will have to accept partial responsibility for those deaths.

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