Thursday, 17 September 2015

MI5 boss warns of technology terror risk per BBC News

Unsurprisingly this BBC report manages to minimise any references to Islam or Muslims. And then there's this passage near the top of the report.
'Meanwhile, a highly critical report from David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, warns forthcoming separate legislation to ban extremism could provoke a damaging backlash in Muslim communities.

The lawyer said in his annual report that if the new laws were too widely drawn, they could play into the hands of people trying to encourage extremism and terrorism.'
Why would legislation to ban extremism cause any problems to any community that wasn't in favour of extremism? If part, or all, of the Muslim communities are in favour of extremism or are upset by legislation aimed at banning extremism then I would suggest that the problem lies more with those communities than with the legislation. 

There is always a ready supply of bleeding heart liberals and the like who will excuse almost any behaviour by Islamists and put the blame on the British government. And they always get a positive attitude from the BBC.

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