Thursday, 3 September 2015

Migrants crisis: Unease as Czech police ink numbers on skin per BBC News

The BBC report on the migrant crisis in Europe but twist the story to further their narrative. This report makes much of the Czechs writing a number on the migrants arms so as to keep track of non Czech speaking people, apparently this has resonances of the Nazis tattooing numbers onto Jews. 

The BBC's obsession with vilifying anyone who doesn't support unlimited immigration into Europe is getting out of control.

However at the end of this BBC report comes this:
'A new poll released on Wednesday suggested that 94% of Czechs believed the EU should return refugees to where they came from, 32% without helping them at all.

More than three quarters want to abandon the EU's Schengen Agreement, which enables passport-free travel, and send Czech border guards back to their posts.'
94% of Czechs want to return the refugees but the BBC and our masters in the EU want something different for us. And since neither the EU nor the BBC are democratic bodies, the will of the people can be ignored.

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