Saturday, 19 September 2015

Is the BBC biased?

Is the BBC biased is a great blog. Here's an article that is well worth a read -

Here's a brief extract that is right on the money but I feel misses a key player:
'As BBC Watch, UK MediaWatch, Daphne Anson, Harry's Place,  Elder of Ziyon and many other pro Israel blogs detail, day in, day out, the BBC determinedly under-reports the malevolence and deviousness of Israel's enemies and gives too many platforms, unchallenged, to their activists and propagandists. '
I'd add this blog to the named ones, but maybe I am biased!


sue said...

Oops, sorry Not a Sheep, sheer oversight. I'll amend it accordingly, and thanks for the mention.

Not a sheep said...

Thanks although my tongue was well in my cheek then. Keep up the good work, your and Craig's blog is one of the best around.