Sunday, 13 September 2015

Clashes at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque per BBC News

The BBC news report has been updated and as I predicted takes one side of the story.
'Clashes have broken out at the al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem after Israeli police entered the compound, reports say.'

Dozens of police broke into the site and Palestinians threw stones and fireworks at them, Israel's Ynet news reports.'

So the Israeli police just broke into the site for no reason? And then the Palestinians responded?

'Similar clashes took place at the end of July.'

Any interest in reporting the causes of those?

'Al-Aqsa is one of Islam's holiest sites and is in the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif site also revered by Jews.'

Surely the Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism but the institutionally anti Israel BBC won't report that.

'Footage of police apparently entering the compound was circulating on social media.

The disturbances come hours before the start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which begins at sunset on Sunday and continues until Tuesday evening.'

In 1973 on Yom Kippur, one of the Jewish High Holy Days, Arab Muslim countries invaded Israel trying to destroy it, they failed. Now on the eve of Rosh Hashonah, the other Jewish High Holy Day, trouble is starting.

The BBC is institutionally anti Israel and will report this, like any other story set in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, from the point of view of the Palestinians. I have zero confidence in the BBC to report in a fair and unbiased way on any news involving Israel.

The Jewish high holy days are a good time for Israel to publish anti Israel stories as most Jews will be too busy praying to respond to the lies and bias. Even a large proportion of nominally non religious Jews attend shul over this period.

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