Friday, 4 September 2015

Corbyn is caught on camera calling Islamic fanatic a 'very good friend' whom he knows 'extremely well' as he shares stage with UK's most notorious extremists

Jeremy Corbyn's friends are becoming rather well known. Here's another one...
'Jeremy Corbyn has been caught on camera declaring his friendship for Ibrahim Hewitt, a Muslim hardliner.

Hewitt has been a highly controversial figure since he wrote a notorious pamphlet that branded homosexuality a 'great sin' comparable to paedophilia and incest, which should be 'severely punished' under Islamic law. It also said that adulterers should be 'stoned to death'.

Speaking at a pro-Palestinian event in East London in February 2013, Corbyn said: 'I've got to know Ibrahim Hewitt, the Chair, extremely well, and I consider him to be a very good friend, and I think he's done a fantastic job.'

Watch the video at the link below, seems kosher...

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