Monday, 14 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn gives top jobs to John McDonnell and Andy Burnham per BBC News

Oddly this BBC report makes no mention of the vile anti Semitic abuse that was hurled at Ivan Lewis when he let it be known that he had not been kept in the Shadow Cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn.

Anti Semitism amongst the left of politics, including in Britain is on the rise, a rise fuelled in part by the vilely anti Israel reporting by the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

With a Labour leader who calls 'friends' organisations who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel (the world's only majority Jewish state) and the death of all Jews, this anti Semitism of the left is only going to increase. It seems that Jeremy Corbyn is not going to tackle the problem and thus the BBC will try to push this matter under the carpet so as to first assist the new leader of the Labour Party, a political party that the BBC actively supports via its broadcasting and second to further vilify Israel.

The BBC is playing a very dangerous game here and when Jews are killed in Britain, for being Jewish and thus associated with Israel, I will hold the BBC responsible for their large part in creating an atmosphere of hatred of Jews via their biased reporting.

The BBC is dangerously biased on many areas but this one is going to cost British citizens their lives. 

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