Thursday, 24 September 2015

Global warming or airplanes?

A fascinating comment at Biased BBC

The Old Bloke
A bit busy at the moment, moving house. But as we all know the BBC and pretty well all of the U.K. Media and Met office, went orgasmic when on July 1st 2015, a record temperature was set (for July…hottest eva) at Heathrow airport, London. I have pinned a photo of the site to show everyone just why there was this so called record temperature. You will see in the photo a pix of a BA747 on a runway heading west. Directly above the 747 is the Met Office recording site, (that little cluster of a building and artefacts which borders the grass and just to the right of a defunct taxiway) and a stones throw from the airport perimeter road. To the right of the 747 you will see a curved taxiway off the runway, where a jet exhaust gas plume points directly at the recording station. On the day in question, an easterly wind was blowing (from London) so aircraft arriving would be pointing in the opposite direction to the shown 747. Open up the throttles to clear the runway as quickly as possible and hey bingo, a record temperature in the U.K. for July. All down to Climate Change of course.

Here's that image for you

I wonder what the warmists at the BBC would say to this?

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