Sunday, 8 April 2018

At Last: Tory Housing Minister Admits Mass Migration Has Pushed House Prices Up 20 Per Cent but also this key point emerges

'Raab also disclosed in the interview that he is urging the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to consider the negative impact of immigration on housing demand in addition to the "positive" contribution to GDP, ahead of a report due in the Autumn which will be the basis for the Government's migration policy.

"The MAC is right to look at the positive impact immigration has had on the country. At the same time you can't just airbrush the costs and the impact it has on housing," said the Brexit-backing minister, who was appointed to the role in January.

Raab's announcement, which implied that MAC reports have been neglecting to take into account some of the setbacks of mass migration, illustrates "the dangers of over-reliance on independent bodies to steer inherently political policy questions in an era when appeals to 'evidence-based policy'," according to ConservativeHome's Henry Hill.

"How many of us, when weighing expert interventions from groups such as the MAC, stop to consider the political assumptions underlying their frame of reference?," he asked in a blog post on Sunday.'

More here at Breitbart but don't expect any coverage of possible bias in the analysis of the Migration Advisory Committee by the BBC. 

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