Thursday, 26 April 2018

'Wolf pack' jailed for sex attack in Spain

That's odd, a headline on the BBC news front page about a sex attack in Spain. Why would the BBC be reporting with such prominence?

Ah, I see:

'Who are the men? 

José Ángel Prenda, 28: considered the leader of the five, wrote a message in the WhatsApp group about the video showing them having sex with the woman. He had been sentenced to two years in prison in 2011 for theft with force

Antonio Manuel Guerrero: a Civil Guard police officer, born in 1989, is thought to have recorded six videos. He also admitted to stealing the victim's phone

Ángel Boza, 26: his criminal records include theft with force and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo, 29: a military officer, is thought to have recorded one video

Jesús Escudero, 27: a hairdresser'

All Spanish names, no Muslim names, so time to go large on the reporting. 

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