Sunday, 1 April 2018

Labour Party 'not connected' to abusive anti-Jewish messages per BBC News

The BBC faithfully report the Labour Party line that they are not connected to the various antisemitic groups that have been revealed as having Labour Party figures as members.

'Labour has sought to distance itself from a series of pro-Jeremy Corbyn Facebook groups that feature anti-Semitic, racist and abusive comments.

report published in the Sunday Times claims to have uncovered more than 2,000 such messages, including misogynistic and violent posts.

Among the messages was praise for Adolf Hitler and threats to kill Prime Minister Theresa May, the paper said.

A Labour spokesman said the groups are not connected to the party in any way.'

Not connected in any way, other than by members!

Perhaps a request for the numbers and names of Labour Party members who were/are members of the more vile antisemitic groups should be made. I wonder what a similar request to the BBC would reveal about their staff's political prejudices. 

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